"New York-based FRX Financial Trader & Coach to 100,000+ Academy Members and Growing"

- Mastery 'IM' Academy

"Manny Q is one of the Companies most respected Educators & Leaders"

- VP of Field Operations Jason Brown

Hello World!          -------------------------

My name is Man-nyy (Mariano) Quinones, I am a Father of 2, born and raised in the Urban parts of New York City who rose above my circumstances to prove anyone could defeat the odds life handed to them and became one of the most well respected Educators and Leaders in my field mentoring over 5,000 students a week!

I began trading when I discovered how powerful the Financial Markets can be, not simply for the opportunity to acquire wealth but for the ability to even the playing field when it came to dancing with the Super Rich. I believe Trading is the best shot any single person has to discover how money actually works and how to properly become cash-flow positive to gain financial control and freedom over their lives! 


My trading experience began with Stock and Options in the summer of 2014 but quickly gravitated to the Forex and Crypto markets in the summer of 2015.

I was introduced to Forex Trading by my current company and became a direct understudy of our Multi-million Dollar CEO. I became fascinated with understanding every impulse the market made as if it was my own beating heart.

The following years to come I watched and studied every bit of content our CEO produced, establishing a relationship with him, eventually sharing charts and ideas, whereas I was then gifted and provided training and information directly from his sources further establishing my understanding and professionalism within the Foreign Exchange Markets.


~ Content Curator

 Developed training material and content for the Academy & official company use.

~ IM Academy Voice

Featured Trainer behind the FRX 100 & 200 Training Video Series for all members.

~ GoLive Educator

One of the companies Top 5 most viewed all time Educators.

~ Harmonic Scanner Master Educator

The #1 Rated Harmonic Scanner Educator within the company.

~ Strategy Developer

Creator of multiple profitable Trading Strategies such as Triple-Fire, Multi-Fire and Harmonic X Strategy.

~ Chairman Leader

Top 100 Field Leaders within a company of 100,000 members.