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IM Academy has OFFICIALLY Launch TBX (Time-Based Trading) with the CEO Chris Terry!


If you’d like to learn more about Time Base Trading, then the all new TBX academy is for you.

Learn fast moving strategies and how to analyze markets on the go!

Waiting not your style? Then TBX is for YOU!

Try it now

What is TBX?

Time-Based trading with a focus on short term scalping.

Scalping refers to short term trades that typically last from a few minutes to a few hours.

Who is TBX for?

Anyone who loves fast pace trading

If waiting is not your style, then TBX is for you.

Where to Learn?

Members can learn TBX daily on, get live analysis and education session.

How to Get Started!

  1. Current HFX members automatically get access to TBX.

  2. Non TBX members can get access in the back office under shopping cart.

Non academy students can register to become a student for $185.00 USD here
  1. IF YOU REGISTER, I will reach out to you personally once you have enrolled.

  2. You will receive additional private trading mentorship.

  3. You will get access to our trading community.

  4. Everythin