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Smartmonics is a power strategy combining waves, harmonic patterns and smart money concepts into 1 trading system with low risk and high reward probabilities.

Automated Scans

3 Step Strategy

1 Powerful System


Anything in the Market

Smartmonics allows you to trade any asset class (currencies, stocks, indices, commodities) , on any time-frame during all major market sessions (NY, London, Asian).

Automated Scans

Daily Live Market Analysis (Pre NY Open)

Full Educational Course

Strategy PDF & Cheatsheets

Mindset Mentorship & Coaching

Trade Tracker & Growth Plan (Included)

Smartmonics Bootcamp

Smartmonics Bootcamp 1-3

 (The Introduction Series)

Video 1

Harmonic Scanner Platform Introduction


In this video you will learn how to access and navigate the Harmonic Scanner. In additional to, accessing different asset types, scans on different time-frames, saving marked up charts and a lot more.  A perfect place to begin if this is your first harmonic trading experience!

Video 2

A Deep Dive: Understanding Harmonics


In this video we dive deep into understanding harmonic patterns on the scanner, how they are best used and where they are located in the market. Furthermore, we train on trend structure and rules combining fibs and waves with harmonics and smart money. 

Video 3

Smartmonics 3 Step Strategy


In this video you will be introduced to the Smartmonics strategy and the 3 steps required to trade it. Combining a PDF slide show for clear instructions to follow and live market examples for visuals in real time. You will also learn how to set TP and SL levels depending on your entry. 

Smartmonics Bootcamp 4-6

 (The 3 Step Series)

Video 4

Smartmonics Step 1: Entry Zones 


In this video you will learn all about market liquidity and how to draw out step 1 of the strategy "LIQUIDITY BLOCKS" aka LB Zones. You will also learn many LB variations, mitigation, volume profile, supply/demand, premium/discount and multi-time frame analysis.

Video 5

Smartmonics Step 2: Entry Candles


In this video you will learn about footprint changes in candles that begin price shifts within the market & how to properly identify step 2 of the strategy "Confirmation Candles". We will also dive deep into the on-screen indicators mastering volume, volatility, momentum and trend divergence.

Video 6

Smartmonics Step 3: Entry Price


In this video you will learn all about candlestick imbalances aka fair value gaps and how to utilize this concept for pin-point price entries for step 3 of the strategy. In addition, we will cover how to plot TP and SL levels & introduce you to additional entry models to enter your trade ideas.

Smartmonics Bootcamp 7-9

 (The Expert Series)

Video 7

Smart Money "Entry" Price Models


In this video you will learn how to plot smart money price models that can be used as entry techniques when trading Smartmonics. These prices models will combine HTF & LTF analysis for the best entries and can be used as an initial entry or for re-entry's in the market.

Video 8

Smartmonic Market Examples


In this video we will take a deep dive into the market reviewing several smartmonic trade ideas across multiple asset classes. You will get a first hand look at how smartmonics performs as we put the strategy and the steps to the test. 

Video 9

Money Management & Growth Plan


In this video we will learn everything from the golden mindset, the profitability zone, risk per trade, risk to reward, stacking trades, percentage gains and a detailed training on how to use the Smartmonic Growth Plan to track your trades and set up a financial goal for yourself.

Get Started Resoruces


Attend the Bootcamp

Smartmonics Strategy has two featured video series you can watch to trade the strategy.

A QUICK LOOK -  3 Modules

1) Welcome to Smartmonics

2) Smartmonics 3 Step Strategy (Simple)

3) Smartmonics 3 Step Strategy (Detailed)

A DETAILED LOOK -  9 Modules

1) The Harmonic Scanner 

2) Harmonic Patterns, Waves & Fibs

3) Smartmonics Strategy

4) Smartmonics Step 1 Training

5) Smartmonics Step 2 Training

6) Smartmonics Step 3 Training

7) Entry Models 

8) Top Down Training & Examples

9) Psychology & Trade Management


Download the Resources

A dozen resources are available for you to get started, get connected, download and print.


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Download the Smartmonics Trade Smarter Sheets: Click Here


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Attend the Live Sessions

Attend Pre-New York Open live analysis sessions for daily ideas and check the Scanner for mark ups.


Tuesday: 8am EST/ 2pm CET/ 3pm CAT/ 9pm MYT

Wednesday: 8am EST/ 2pm CET/ 3pm CAT/ 9pm MYT

Thursday: 8am EST/ 2pm CET/ 3pm CAT/ 9pm MYT


See all chart mark ups on 1HR time-frame on the Harmonic Scanner: Click Here

Get Connected


by Educator Manny Q

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