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NEW Educator Manny Q Website Now Available for all Students!

A Brand New Look & Feel

for Educator Manny Q in 2022!

Are you an IM Academy Student seeking Manny Q's Education and Content?

Wellllll you'll be getting THAT and a-lot MORE!

Let's take a quick tour of what Manny Q's site will offer...

FIRST learn more about Educator Manny Q

and STOP getting scammed by Impersonators!

A brief about Manny Q page will be available with very limited information and insight to protect himself and students.


You will find direct links to Manny Q's only social media profiles across the web.

If you Engage, Like, Comment, Tag, or Share be sure its the real Manny Q

Manny Q only Instagram @iamMannyQ

Golive with Educator Manny Q!

Ready for live Training & Trading?

Learn more about Manny Q's Golive Schedule and Topics!

NOT SURE what time his GoLive Sessions are in your Country? NO WORRIES, we have you covered! Popular Global Time-Zones are listed for your convenience...

Direct access to Piptalk is also Available!

Private IM Academy Training, Charting, Result Updates and more are available here.

The Best Part... Students can ask questions and communicate directly with Manny Q!